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The Fractal Physics of Stargates and Kundalini

Episode Summary

Dan Winter is joining us to explain the physics of stargates, the fractal shape of time, the tornado generators in UFOS, and the foundational principles of Jedi training. He will teach you about how to steer your plasma cocoon and bend the path of the charge of your aura when you lucid dream, have sex, and astral project. Learn how to switch on kundalini. Understand why being barefoot and wearing cotton and hemp clothing is a good idea and how to take memory through death. He will talk about world peace, levitation, telepathy and Schumann Resonance. Plasma technology, water vortexes and biofeedback apps are some of the gifts Winter has shared with the world. About Dan Winter Dan Winter is a pioneering figure in the field of fractal physics, renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to the understanding of complex systems and the intricate interplay between mathematics and nature. With a career spanning decades, Winter's work has delved deep into the mathematical and geometric underpinnings of fractals, chaos theory, and their applications across various scientific disciplines. His unique insights and innovative research have not only expanded our comprehension of the fundamental structures governing the universe but have also inspired new avenues of exploration in fields such as biology, consciousness, and sustainable energy. His books, talks and inventions unravel the mysteries of fractal physics continues to captivate and enlighten both the scientific community and the broader world, making him an influential leader in the quest for a deeper understanding of reality. Find out more about Dan’s projects by visiting the links below: YouTube: http://youtube.com/danwinterfractalfield Books: http://planckphire.com/ Current projects: http://fractalfield.com , http://flameinmind.com , http://theraphi.net , http://theimploder.com , http://peaceuniversity.net , http://bioarchitects.net , http://implosiongroup.com Dans ET origins summaries: http://www.fractalfield.com/fusionintheblood