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Transmissions from Other Worlds

Episode Summary

Sign up for the 2nd Annual Portal to Ascension Glastonbury Conference: https://AscensionGlastonbury.com Meet Zoe Davenport at the Portal to Ascension Conference Glastonbury this September. The planetary shifts unfurl a splendid opportunity for us to awaken to our purpose in this lifetime. The long-awaited Portal to Ascension Conference springs to life, beckoning us to partake in its immersive in-person experience, fully activated to propel us forward on our shared quest. As the currents of energy continue their dance, ancient truths once obscured come into view. Like puzzle pieces falling into place, we reclaim our fragmented history and reconnect with the sacred wisdom of the ancients and antiquity of humanity. This is a pivotal moment, a call to action with no room for hesitation. We shed the layers of conditioning from outdated paradigms, undergoing a process of deep spiritual reawakening. In this sacred journey of remembrance, we rekindle the innate truths that bind us together. As we gather in unity, we ignite one another’s latent potentials, unlocking individual gifts and fortifying our collective resolve. Together, we shall forge a radiant new reality, eagerly awaiting our embrace. Join us in Avalon to immerse yourself in thought-provoking discussions, engaging workshops, and transformative experiences. Unveil the enigmatic secrets of multidimensional reality and discover the profound cosmic heritage of humanity.